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TheMenSchool: Mentoring Younger Men

This video talks about how important it is for Mature Men to admire, encourage, and Mentor Younger Men. An age-old tradition from the Ancients, they knew the importance of mentoring the young into maturity.

TheMenSchool: Blessing

The King archetype is the aspect of the Sacred Masculine that blesses the other, that sees, values, and acknowledges another’s human beingness.

TheMenSchool: Accountability

Accountability: I take full responsibility for my life and my actions, intentional and otherwise. And I am responsive to the impact and consequences of those actions, intended or otherwise.

The MenSchool: Guts

On our men’s warrior trainings, we have a process called “guts”. It is an opportunity for a man to drop down deep below his ego, and to claim a bit of truth about who he is, no matter how painful that might be. It takes “guts” to do this work.

TheMenSchool: Changing

Men come into circles not for social reasons … men come into circles because something isn’t working in their lives and they do not know how to create meaningful and sustainable change.

TheMenSchool: Armoring

Men learn early on to protect, defend, and armor themselves against danger, risk, and pain. We do this in many ways, each designed to protect a man from feeling his deep emotions.

TheMenSchool: Checking-In

In our men’s circles, we always begin with a check … who are you, what are you feeling, why are you here?