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Newsletter #04: Male Friendships

This past week, I was at the boundary waters in Minnesota with 20 men, some I have known for 30 years. We see each other infrequently, and we know each other so well. We came up in this work together, we were the beginnings of the New Warriors in Milwaukee and Chicago. My intentions were clear and simple: unplug, slow down, connect deeply. Men worked, cutting logs for the fire, going fishing, building a new outhouse on Joe’s property, men at work. I am a different kind of man, that stuff does not excite me. I would rather cook.… Read more »

Newsletter #03: Mentorship For Young Men

In the absence of sacred male initiation, boys grow up with little real connection to mature older men. Fathers tend to be absent, and most men tend to be absorbed in the daily stuff of their own lives.  In this current fear-based world, ruled by the lower chakras, self-preservation is the 1st law of nature. Competition is in our DNA, and we men have been programmed from the crib. Living in the ManBox is hazardous: our health markers are low, our suicide rates are high, our ability to feel is dysfunctionally limited, and we struggle to recognize and speak about our pain.… Read more »

Newsletter #02: The Return of Sacred Initiation

Mircea Eliade said that the need to initiate is as powerful as any core human need. The ancient men knew the imperative of the separation and ordeal for boys, to insure the successful integration of mature men in society. With the coming of the Industrial Revolution, men’s labor movement shifted from the farms into the cities. No longer was the boy close to his father, working next to him, feeling his body, absorbing the soul food of the deep masculine. Instead, he had his mother, his siblings, and his father’s foul mood when he returned home. My First Initiation… Read more »

Newsletter #01: Where It All Began

Dear Family & Friends … I welcome you to my 1st newsletter. I am humbled and grateful to be in intimate connection with you. My prayer is that my words touch something inside of you. It does not matter that you agree or disagree with what I say. What matters is that it captures your attention, makes you feel something, and invites you to consider your own life. The Earth is rumbling, humans are afraid, angry, confused, ashamed and shameless … pain and horror are everywhere. Most people tend to shy away from their own personal pain. They try to fix, medicate, deny, distract,… Read more »