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For Men: Our Complex Mother Stuff

I am keenly aware of how challenging to write this piece on Mother. It is scary and dangerous, just like Her. In men’s work, we avoid processing our mother issues, we hardly talk about them. She is in shadow for men, and you do not have to look far across this entire planet to see the real and painful effects of this blindness. We are born from the fusion of sperm and egg, deep in her body. We differentiate over 9 months, deep in her body. We are born into the world, and in her charge for 3-7 years,… Read more »

For Men: A New Way of Being

As we men learn to cultivate our own tenderness, we become more adept at the language of relatedness. Our wives and partners have been asking that from us for years, and we have struggled to hear them. Our antiquated beliefs about masculinity, our homophobia, rage and shame, addictions, our increasing desensitization to our own pain … all have numbed us to our deep need for close and loving contact with other human beings. As a man, a husband and father, I have released the old beliefs about what a man is supposed to be. In so doing, I love… Read more »

Resolving Father Issues

Recently, my brother Al from Florida visited us here in Tucson. We traveled via moto to see our 98 year old dad living in Sun City, AZ. In men’s work, our initial focus in reclaiming the Deep Masculine consciousness is usually the doorway through the Father Complex. For it is through our father’s imprint that we first learn what masculinity is. I no longer believe that we ever truly ‘heal’ anything, at least not as a human being in this particular time & place in the universe. The soul enters the body through the wound, and while it is… Read more »

The Deep Process

This past Saturday, four courageous men joined me online for a Virtual Day of Deep Process. I was uncertain this first time, yet having successfully deep processed with a number of individual clients over the years, I intuitively felt that my/our good intentions would handle whatever logistical and/or technological disturbances that might arise. Indeed, it was a powerful experience. Today, I write this to men in the work, and to the work in men … Thank you so much for your courage in sharing all of you with me. I have often imagined that you are in this much… Read more »

Return of Sacred Male Initiation

In 1984, Bill Kauth had an idea to create a workshop for men. Bill saw that women were evolving, and men were struggling. The spiritual awakening potential of the New Warrior Training Adventure is now held by the ManKind Project International, a global educational and training organization. Kauth, Rich Tosi, & Ron Hering did not know that this ‘divinely inspired workshop’ would one day become a call to reclaim sacred male initiation for our time. Through this work, they saw men awaken, as the work touched a deep unspoken need in the masculine soul. Mircea Eliade an early 20th century historian and… Read more »

Mother Work in Men

On this Sunday morning before Christmas, listening to the music, I find my heart wide open. I am often sentimental in this season, I have always had a tender heart, many things bring me to tears. This conversation has moved me greatly, and the comments, particularly from the women … thank you Jen Silver & Bethany Cashman … have helped open me to some painful places inside. I was on the NY streets at 6, in a street gang at 9, suffered physical & sexual abuse at home, and it has taken me many years of excruciatingly hard work… Read more »

Men’s Initiation

The ancient ones knew that both boys and girls needed an initiatory rite of passage to consciously transition to manhood and womanhood, so that they could take their rightful place in the tribe and village. One of the important learnings for the boys was how to treat women with respect, how to be good to the earth (mother), and how to use his sexual body in a good way. Our postmodern culture has been void of this essential rite for many hundreds of years. As a result, abuse of women and the earth is rampant. The result of this… Read more »

From Hunt to Hearth

From Hunt to Hearth: Crossing the Threshold In the archetypal realm, a man enters the world to do battle, conquer foes, create fame & mis/fortune, and bring back resources to support his family, tribe, community. He wears armor, wields his sword, and protects his women, children, and stuff. So as archetypes continuously act through us, men still do this battle, as do more and more women. (Welcome to our world.) From 8 to 5 or more, men are out there doing battle, not necessarily with life-threatening foes, but with a vertical hierarchical picture that there is only one winner.… Read more »