Month: November 2020

Living From or With the Ego

The mark of true maturity arrives, for men especially, when we no longer live from our wounded places. It takes years to acknowledge that we are even wounded. But once we do, a whole new set of options arises in our lives. The core wound is the gift from the Soul, Rumi tells us, as it shapes our character and gives us an early orientation to who we might become. But it is neither to be worshipped nor ignored. The former hurts oneself, the latter hurts others. And of course, both hurt both. ‘A bad day for the ego… Read more »

For Men: Our Complex Mother Stuff

I am keenly aware of how challenging to write this piece on Mother. It is scary and dangerous, just like Her. In men’s work, we avoid processing our mother issues, we hardly talk about them. She is in shadow for men, and you do not have to look far across this entire planet to see the real and painful effects of this blindness. We are born from the fusion of sperm and egg, deep in her body. We differentiate over 9 months, deep in her body. We are born into the world, and in her charge for 3-7 years,… Read more »