Month: August 2019

The Wisdom of the Ancients

Excerpts from The Sacred Tree by the Four Worlds Center from the Native American Indian Traditional Code of Ethics * Each morning upon rising and each evening before sleeping, give thanks for the life within you and for all life, for the good things the Creator has given you, and for the opportunity to grow a little more each day. Consider your thoughts and actions of the past day and seek for the courage and strength to be a better person. Seek for the things that will benefit others (everyone). * Respect. Respect means “To feel or show honor… Read more »

Nurturant Fathers

As a boy, I learned to interact in the world through engaging my father. He was my liaison outside the home. I learned how to play, work, gather information about the natural world, its rules, laws, conflicts, competition. I learned how to build, create, value and appraise the overwhelming experiences that lay outside the relative safety of home. When my father was patient and encouraging, it was okay for me to take risks, make mistakes, test my environment, become an active participant in my life. I loved the thrill of being tossed up in the air and caught in… Read more »

For Men: A New Way of Being

As we men learn to cultivate our own tenderness, we become more adept at the language of relatedness. Our wives and partners have been asking that from us for years, and we have struggled to hear them. Our antiquated beliefs about masculinity, our homophobia, rage and shame, addictions, our increasing desensitization to our own pain … all have numbed us to our deep need for close and loving contact with other human beings. As a man, a husband and father, I have released the old beliefs about what a man is supposed to be. In so doing, I love… Read more »

Men’ Juices

Sometimes a wave comes over my body, from where I do not know. It comes quietly, leaves quickly. Time passes, sometimes it comes again, this time more insistent. I ignore it. When it comes the third time, I say: “Okay, I’m up.” I am learning to listen more closely to this energy. It is an invitation from the not-knowing … an intuition, an angel, a guide, my inner wisdom, my soul, all of these. Often painful to hear, always gifts to bear. They are sweepings from the underground fire, obscured by shadow, dimly lit by a flickering candle. If… Read more »

The Grandmothers Are Alive in Me

Many years ago, I had this dream: “I am in the basement of an old house, stone walls, low ceiling, dank, dark, musty, cobwebs everywhere. I walk down the corridor,¬†there is a door on the left. Old, wooden, heavy, I push hard, it stubbornly opens. The room is large, dimly lit, I see a dozen old women scattered randomly. Each one sits on a stool in¬†front of a large cooking pot. They jabber away in a long-forgotten tongue, I know what they are saying. One nona waves, motioning me to come over. She has a scarf on her head,… Read more »