Month: April 2018

TheMenSchool: Accountability

Accountability: I take full responsibility for my life and my actions, intentional and otherwise. And I am responsive to the impact and consequences of those actions, intended or otherwise.

The MenSchool: Guts

On our men’s warrior trainings, we have a process called “guts”. It is an opportunity for a man to drop down deep below his ego, and to claim a bit of truth about who he is, no matter how painful that might be. It takes “guts” to do this work.

Integration: my S/He Dream

My primary interior work is finding balance along the lines of masculine & feminine energies within my everyday life. To me, the yin-yang symbol represents my inner fluidity, and the cross represents the interplay between my inner life and my relationship with the¬†other. When I am conscious along the vertical axis¬†… connecting head/heart/gut/sex&creativity … my actions in the world reflect that. When I am unconscious along the vertical … disconnections up & down these 4 energy centers … my actions in the world reflect that. Confucius said: The secret of life is being true to Self (I) AND good… Read more »