Deep Process to Core Issues

Truly intimate relationships … with men, women, the world … come from your

Deep Masculine … alignment of Head, Heart, Gut, Sex.


This workshop supports you … to find those places that remain out of alignment,

and to do the work to come clearly and cleanly into vertical balance.


The OLD Masculine:

  • A man who instinctively feel in competition with other men.
  • A man who is in touch with his power, but does not know his feeling nature.
  • A man who is in touch with his feeling nature, but does not know or trust his power.
  • A man who does not have intimate access to BOTH his fierceness AND his tenderness.
  • A man who has a limited view of women and the nature of the feminine.
  • Women are moving into leadership … everywhere … and a man does not know how to navigate the new rules.
  • The armored, macho belief system keeps a man stuck in an outdated and dysfunctional set of behaviors.
  • A man who lives FROM his ego, rather than WITH his ego.

The NEW Masculine:

  • A man willing to commit to his own evolution.
  • A man who knows his strengths & weaknesses.
  • A man who speaks his truth directly … even when it is painful and scary.
  • A man who seeks true purpose & meaning in his life.
  • A man who has patience with what is still unresolved in his heart.
  • A man willing to heal and integrate.
  • A man willing to acknowledge his own Feminine & how he relates to the Feminine in the world.
  • A man willing to acknowledge that the patriarchy still lives in his deep programs.
  • A man who lives WITH his ego rather than FROM his ego.

Qualities of the DEEP Masculine:

  • The Deep Masculine is the vertical axis, the sun & sky, grounded in the earth.
  • It is stable, unwavering, fiercely present.
  • It is the good father, dependable friend, protector/provider, deep breathing lover.
  • It is the seed, the tree, the rocks and the center pole.
  • It is the initiator, the action, the doing.
  • It is clear, direct, hard, penetrative, boundaried.
  • It is a container, an arrow, a hammer, a plow, a sword.


1.  Intention:

  • To create self-awareness, connection, learning, & healing
  • To trust men in an open and safe environment.

2.  Emotional Literacy:

  • Learning to speak from a deep & authentic place in the body
  • Conscious Language, Shadow, & Conflict Resolution
  • Alignment of Head/Heart/Gut/Sex
  • Congruence of Thought/Word/Feeling/Action

3.  Brain Structure:

  • Early Imprinting
  • Limbic Template
  • Repetition Compulsion

4.  Healing The Father Wound:

  • Effects … personal, interpersonal, spiritual, communal
  • Lineage healing
  • Birth of the Sacred Masculine


Dene Maria Sebastiana … leads you within.

He is a wise elder, and well-seasoned leader of transformational work.

He is able to reconnect you … to the power of Soul, Spirit & Wholeness in your life.

My Mission …

is to bring an end to patriarchy & misogyny … in my time & for my lineage.


  • I have great Love, Compassion, and dedication to Truth.
  • I live these Sacred Principles in my daily life.
  • I live a Sacred Marriage with My Beloved.
  • I have 44 years in this Work.
  • I have been leading healing circles for 30 years
  • I am a husband, father, leader, citizen, and I live a very full life.
  • I am Accountable, I have Integrity, I work hard for my clients.
  • I have dedicated my Life’s Purpose to this healing process.
  • I am balanced in the Masculine & Feminine.
  • I am very good at what I do, and I am so very human.

Sun Lizard


“Dene is a world class facilitator and brilliant coordinator of group dynamics. He has the ability to go deep with the individual and to similarly invite the collective, a rare combination of talents. Dene’s strongest gift is his compassion: a poignant ability to see with deep feeling and to feel with great vision. He has a perceptive, laser–like capacity to see to the heart of the issue, and not get lost in peripheral details. He is able to stay with what is essential, to keep bringing things back to where the core issues are. Therefore, he is effective and efficient in using his and his clients’ time and energy.”

“Through knowing himself, Dene is open to the full range of human experience, and thus capable of deep compassion. Both as teacher and healer, Dene is gifted and exceedingly capable. Unafraid, but not without the cautions born of wisdom, Dene sees what is needed and moves into the fire in search of healing solutions.”

“First, I want to thank you, Dene, and acknowledge the grace and power which you have modeled for me as a leader on our men’s trainings and in our groups. I see in you a quiet yet fierce way of leading that I do not see in other men. Many times, I have seen you expand the perimeter and deepen the context in our circles. I believe the impact still has a rippling effect here in our local community. I remember the times when you read from the Tao of Leadership. Great stuff and it was so different from the forceful leadership that is often seen in the world of men. Well done … and your fierceness was right there when you wanted to wake the group up and focus the energy in a different way.


Spirit & Soul are alive in you. If you heed their call, blessings abound. If you refuse, again, the same pain and suffering will continue.

We live in radically changing times. Change or die is the call of the day, and this is not metaphorical, it is literal. There is an abundance of literature on gender issues, and many pathways for a man to walk in his maturation process. Being in a men’s circle is the most effective vehicle for a man to transform his life as a man.

As we say in our circles:  As a man among men … I am a grown-ass man.

Come … take a deep dive, one that will initially frighten you,

but one that will deliver you from the banality of an un-lived life.


Realize the truth of WHO YOU REALLY ARE AS A MAN.

The Time is NOW, the Place is HERE.  ARE YOU READY?




Location:                Online Video Conferencing

Size:                         6-10 men max

Frequency:             Saturday or Sunday tbd

Time:                       9 am – 5 pm

Price:                       $200 per person

Payment:                Visa, MC, Paypal