Women’s Workshop

Leaving My Father’s House: Healing the Patriarchal/Father Wound

This workshop offers a woman the opportunity to face and transform unresolved & incomplete issues related to the father archetype through group work with experienced and compassionate male facilitators.

This work is open to any woman who wishes to be in relationship to men in a new way: emotionally honest, clear, powerful, compassionate, fearless.
This work will challenge you, and the reward is enormous. Work is done through meditations, music, visualizations, journaling, group discussions, and experiential processes, including individual process work.

The intended outcome of this workshop is that a woman becomes more aware, empowered, and conscious in how she relates to men and the sacred masculine.

Women’s Workshop Participant Testimonial:

“Last weekend, I witnessed a man filled with unconditional love for women. I marveled at your passion, conviction, and willingness to fully offer yourself up to a group of women who needed your wisdom, tenderness, and ultimately your strength. I was sustained in a way I could not have anticipated by the way you guided us and then walked with us into the fire of truth. You are a man magnificently balanced in your masculine and feminine energies, full of grace, willing to put yourself on the razor’s edge. I am lifted up and humbled by the knowledge that my path to authentic womanhood was to be revealed to me by a man. Men and women healing and evolving together – hope is alive.”
Krista K. – Account Executive

In this workshop, you will be empowered to:

  • Be the woman that you truly are, trusting yourself and your process as you see yourself, and men, with new eyes
  • Walk in the world with fierce power and tender vulnerability
  • Be a better woman as a leader, partner, wife, mother, friend, and citizen
  • Integrate your own feminine and masculine qualities
  • Feel a deep, grounding sense of body-centered Emotional Literacy [link]
  • Understand your shadow
  • Understand fathering patterns, process the father wound, and learn more about projection onto the masculine
  • Unmask your real beauty
  • Find your clear and fearless language to engage men in a new way

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