My Mission is to Awaken the Sacred Feminine & Masculine in All Beings


Dene Maria Sebastiana - womens coachIn my work as a women’s coach, I create a sacred container that is safe, supportive, educational, and challenging. As a teacher, I am a compassionate guide to helping you better understand yourself, your partner, and your community.

Sometimes it is challenging for women to consider doing deep, personal work with a man. It takes courage to trust a man, or even to trust other women. It takes courage to claim your powerful voice, your tender truth, your vulnerability, and your fierce and loving nature.

As a professional coach for men and women for over thirty years, I have dedicated my life’s purpose to the healing process and balancing the Sacred Feminine & Masculine. I commit my deep integrity and accountability as I work hard for those I serve. Through our work together I commit to clarifying your personal power and authenticity.

Last weekend in Dene’s workshop I was sustained in a way I could not have anticipated by the way you guided us and then walked with us into the fire of truth. You are a man magnificently balanced in your masculine and feminine energies, full of grace, willing to put yourself on the razor’s edge. Men and women healing and evolving together – hope is alive.
— Krista

A Men’s Coach for Women Can Help You To:

  • Learn somatic awareness and emotional literacy, the keys to living authentically
  • Discover the authentic power that lives inside you, power that neither abdicates nor abuses
  • Own your full voice, fearless to speak your truth
  • Heal the Earth and challenge the status quo
  • Refuse to abide by the old patriarchal conditioning
  • Own your deep feminine nature, which is no out-of-body spiritual concept but a presence in your bones, heart, mind, womb, and whole body
  • Balance the masculine and feminine within yourself and your relationships
  • Learn real and effective conflict resolution
  • Learn to trust your instincts and intuition so you can take action fearlessly
  • Learn about men from a man who works with men

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As a gift toward your personal development, I offer a FREE 45-minute women’s coaching session. During this call we’ll examine the issues you’d like to work on, and we’ll assess our alignment in working together.

I utilize video conference calls such as Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype for our work. To learn more about how I work, see Coaching Services.

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Reserve your FREE session