Commentary on Jordan Peterson

FB Comment of the day: 03.24.18

Dene Maria Sebastiana:

Benjamin: Thank you for your clarifications of Jordan Peterson’s work, I appreciate both him and you. I too am very inspired by his clarity and insightfulness, and I use his perspective as a kinda north star … helps me keep on track and honest with myself.

It is interesting to hear the commentaries on the man or the ways he is this or that. I have heard and often said: If Jesus or the Buddha showed up on some street corner in NYC, we would blow their fucking heads off. Maybe we’re too attached or identified with some emotional stuff or dogmatic brittle belief system to separate out the message from the messenger.

Peterson’s GIFT is to help us get off our asses, quit bitching, and get to work … on OURSELVES first … then we can help the world. And his CHALLENGE is to stop hiding, complaining, finger-pointing, & being a victim of the great challenge that life is. His referencing of the masculine is a terrific guideline, especially for younger men, and if more men would step into those places that JP points to, the world would work much better.

I have worked long & hard to integrate the feminine in me. No, it has not made me softer, but it has made me kinder and more balanced. My masculine/yang/he energy & teaching is more fierce than ever, and he is constantly informed by the deep feminine/yin/she energy in my heart & soul.

My Mission: To Awaken the Sacred Feminine & Sacred Masculine in All Beings.”