A Men’s Coach Brings Clarity to your Path

You have come here because something inside is calling. You may be in emotional conflict or pain. You may feel disconnected from spirit and soul, disconnected from others, meaning, and purpose. Perhaps you feel stuck, limited by conditioned habits and outdated belief systems.

My work is both safe and challenging. It is supportive, educational, and clarifying. It will help make you a better man.

I guarantee positive, tangible growth if you apply sincere effort in following one of my coaching programs. You will see results in yourself, with other men, with your partner, with your children & family, and with your community.

Transforming your Reality:

  • Acknowledge that you cannot do the soul’s journey work alone
  • Learn to deepen your trust in yourself and men’s growth and evolution
  • See the faulty programming in our cultural conditioning
  • Re-learn what it is to be a man in today’s world, connected to meaningful values
  • Find your true power with integrity, emotional awareness, and vulnerability
  • Reignite your passion and purpose
  • Trust yourself, lay down the armor, and open to your fierce and tender truth

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As a gift toward your personal development, I offer a FREE 45-minute men’s coaching session. During this call we’ll examine the issues you’d like to work on, and we’ll assess our alignment in working together.

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I utilize video conference calls such as Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype for our work. To learn more about how I work, see Coaching Services.

Emotional Literacy Evolves the Sacred Masculine

As part of my work, I teach emotional literacy skills to help you grow and evolve your expression of the sacred masculine.

The deep, sacred masculine is stable, unwavering, fiercely present. It is the initiator, the action, the doing.

Through my work, I create a sacred space with the openness and trust to build greater self-awareness, connection, learning, and healing. By enhancing your emotional awareness, you will learn to speak from a deep and authentic place, in alignment with your truth.

In navigating a very tender and challenging period around meeting my biological father, I was grateful for the power and presence with which Dene held me. His support allowed me to relax and trust the process, knowing that no matter how things turned out, I would be resourced to stay within my own heart. Dene had my back and that confidence meant I could meet my father without needing anything from him. Powerful, Transformative, Grounding.

My Coaching Program Will Give You:

  • Reduced stress from honest emotional release (in the body)
  • Deep self-learning (ah-ha’s)
  • Personal transformation as you re-frame old beliefs & unconscious patterns
  • Feeling heard & understood (not alone)
  • Alignment of head/heart/gut/sex
  • Congruence of thoughts/feelings/words/actions
  • Better decision-making
  • Better relationships with others
  • Individual and Group Men’s Coaching Sessions

At the conclusion of your FREE 45-minute men’s coaching session, I may recommend either my individual coaching program or a small group with up to three other men. Individual sessions help you progress quickly, and group sessions help develop even greater depth. Group sessions are also more affordable.

Reserve your FREE session

Reserve your FREE session