Expressing the Feminine Power & Voice


  • You have come here because you have emotional conflict.  Your adult life have been directly shaped by your early primal experiences.  We are all, individually & collectively, processing and healing our lineage imprinting.  Once again you have the choice: unconsciously react or act out, or consciously process to resolve.
  • As a woman, you have received much conditioning, telling you what femininity looks like. Sometimes you realize how absurd it is, yet the program runs deep, and you have inherited it from the patriarchal conditioning … in family, in media, in culture.
  • From your instinctive nature and through your programming, women unconsciously see each other as competition, just like men.
  • In your separateness, you suffer isolation, never feeling good enough, deep loneliness, self-judgment.
  • Some part of you longs for a more meaningful connection … with yourself, with other women, an honest connection with men, a true connection to your innate Sacred Feminine nature.
  • Motherhood, work, sex, relationships, health, depression, body image, money … the age-old struggle with self-worth seen through any or all of these areas … these are the things that cause you pain, that turn you against yourself, against men, against other women.
  • The patriarchy is crumbling, but its messages are deeply embedded in your body.  Isn’t it time you sounded the death-knell of the patriarchy … inside of yourself first?.
  • The old passive voiceless feminine is outdated, women are coming into their power.
  • Or does a woman’s power sound like a man’s?  Have they simply changed places?  Or is the new woman’s voice a voice of the Sacred Feminine?


  • Acknowledge: that you need not do this work on your own.
  • Learn: body awareness & emotional literacy … the keys to living authentically.
  • Find: the authentic power that lives inside you … power that neither abdicates nor abuses.
  • Heal the Earth: the Voice of the Deep Feminine must come forth …
    • Challenge the status quo.
    • Refuse to abide by the old patriarchal conditioning.
    • Understand who you are and who you are not.
    • Own your Deep Feminine nature … to commune well with other women, with men, with the world.
    • The Sacred Feminine is here, and She must meet the Deep Masculine in order to create a new wholeness.
    • Balance The Masculine & the Feminine live within each of us.
    • Learn real & effective Conflict Resolution.


  • A woman doing deep personal work with a man is a challenge. Why would I trust this man, is he not like all the others?
  • I am safe, but not too safe. Supportive, yet challenging. A good teacher, a compassionate guide, a man who loves women.
  • The container is safe, supportive, educational, challenging, clarifying. It will help make you better understand … yourself, your partner, other men, your children & family, your community.
  • The Sacred Feminine is not some out-of-body spiritual concept, it is right here …in your bones, in your hearts & minds, in your womb.
  • Emotional Literacy creates an interior alignment of head-heart-gut-sex. It is a congruence of thinking-feeling-words-actions.
  • True Power is accountability, integrity, emotional awareness, clarity, vulnerability.
  • It takes Courage to be deeply honest, to trust a man, to trust other women, to claim your powerful voice, your tender truth, your vulnerability, your loving AND fierce nature.


offers a clear pathway, down into those causal places within.

Most people “release” emotions rather than “resolve” them.

You cannot resolve this alone, for the ego protects against the discomfort and pain.

You need a guide, teacher, facilitator… someone who has walked this path.

And a process to resolution.


Dene Maria Sebastiana … leads you within.

He is a wise elder, and well-seasoned leader of transformational work.

He is able to reconnect you … to the power of Soul, Spirit, & Wholeness in your life.

My Mission is …

to bring an end to patriarchy & misogyny … in my time and for my lineage.


  • I have great Love, Compassion, and dedication to Truth.
  • I live these Sacred Principles in my daily life.
  • I live a Sacred Marriage with My Beloved.
  • I have 44 years in this Work.
  • I have been leading healing circles for 30 years
  • I am a husband, father, leader, citizen, and I live a very full life.
  • I am Accountable, I have Integrity, I work hard for my clients.
  • I have dedicated my Life’s Purpose to this healing process.
  • I am balanced in the Masculine & Feminine.
  • I am very good at what I do, and I am so very human.


“Last weekend, I witnessed a man filled with unconditional love for women. I marveled at your passion, conviction, and willingness to fully offer yourself up to a group of women who needed your wisdom, tenderness, and ultimately your strength. I was sustained in a way I could not have anticipated by the way you guided us and then walked with us into the fire of truth. You are a man magnificently balanced in your masculine and feminine energies, full of grace, willing to put yourself on the razor’s edge. I am lifted up and humbled by the knowledge that my path to authentic womanhood was to be revealed to me by a man. Men and women healing and evolving together –hope is alive. Thank you Dene.”

“Dene is a world class facilitator and brilliant coordinator of group dynamics. He has the ability to go deep with the individual and to similarly invite the collective, a rare combination of talents. Dene’ strongest gift is his compassion: a poignant ability to see with deep feeling and to feel with great vision. He has a perceptive, laser –like capacity to see to the heart of the issue, and not get lost in peripheral maze of details. He is able to stay with what is essential, to keep bringing things back to where the core issues are. Therefore, he is effective and efficient in using his and his clients’ time and energy.”

“Through knowing himself, Dene is open to the full range of human experience, and thus capable of deep compassion. Both as teacher and healer, Dene is gifted and exceedingly capable. Unafraid, but not without the cautions born of wisdom, Dene sees what is needed and moves into the fire in search of healing solutions.”


The spirit & soul that are alive in you, in their continuous movement to connect you to the heavens and the earth, are relentless in their endeavors to wake you up. No sentimentality for your comfort, nor even concern for your mortal life, they give you endless opportunities to grow … both up into spirit and down into soul. If you heed the call, blessings abound. If you refuse again, the same pain and suffering will continue. Suffer consciously or unconsciously – your choice.

We live in radically changing times. The old gender roles have been revealed for what they truly are … a way to control both men and women. The illusion of male power has been exposed, and women are filling the spaces with greater confidence and skill. Truly, men are being left by the wayside, women are stepping in with skill & power.

The old patriarchal order fights this obvious truth, with its own version of reactionary behaviors. Change or die is the call of the day, and this is not metaphorical, it is literal. There is an abundance of literature on gender issues, and many pathways to walk in this maturation process.

For whatever reason, I have entered into your constellation. Nothing is by accident. Yet the choice remains uniquely yours.

Come … take a deep dive, one that will initially frighten you,

but one that will deliver you from the banality of an un-lived life.

The life you are here to save is your own.

Come, join me on this adventure, take a risk, learn about yourself, in ALL your relationships.


The Time is NOW, the Place is HERE. ARE YOU READY?

Discover what the New Masculine looks like !!!


Location:         Online Video Conferencing

Size:                 6-8 women max

Frequency:     once per week for 4 weeks

Time:               evenings 1.5 hours – day tbd

Price:               $200 per person

Payment:         Visa, MC, Paypal