Having reached this page, I imagine that you might actually be interested in this work that I offer here.  But before you can say yes, both sides of the brain need to be satisfied.  The RIGHT brain needs to “feel” that it makes sense, and the LEFT brain needs to “think” that it makes sense.  Among the left-brain requirements are form, logistics, and of course, cost.  As you already know, this work is not for everyone.  And as there is a universal law that says: “Nothing for nothing”, there is a cost in time, effort, and money to get what it is you want for yourself.  You and I enter into an agreement for equal exchange.

Valuation of this work is certainly a great challenge.  A loaf of bread is easy to affix a price to, but psycho/spiritual/emotive work is hard to quantify.  Right valuation asks me to assess the relative worth of my work in the marketplace, and it is always a challenge to evaluate true worth, especially with money.  Placing a price tag on this elusive ‘right valuation’ is difficult.

At this choice point, both sides of your brain have to find alignment, and maybe some non-linear part of you will actually make the decision.  The truth is, I deliver a service that may show its true value to you ONLY AFTER you have experienced it.  So I offer you 2 things to help you make a decision to enter: 

First, a 45 minute FREE SESSION: to begin sketching out your issues, and to receive some reflection from me that will give you a sense of who I am and how I work. 

Second, a 1-month trial period:  a full cycle of sessions to evaluate and determine if the work we do together is right for you. 

After this, you will know what to do.


Almost all of my clients work via a video platform. You the client initiates the call at the appointed time. Our first 45 minute FREE SESSION together is offered as a GIFT, an opportunity for you to assess if this work is right for you.  In the confines of safety and confidentiality, you will have the opportunity to sketch out the areas that you would like to work on during the course of our times together. This allows us to begin to create a “map” that we both can track, a set of goals and strategies that we continue to keep in view, which gives us both some direction and accountability to deliver to you what you signed up for. As in all things, the more clear and determined you are about what you want, the better the chances of getting it. It is important that you are prepared for each session, in that you have done your homework, and you have some idea what it is you would like to address during our time together.

Structurally, we work 2 sessions per month, each for 1.5 hours, every other week, total of 3 hours. The cost is $695 per month. The time off in between allows for integration, catching up on assignments, travel, etc. I also offer a 20 minute check in as necessary, your emails are always welcome, and I will do my best to respond where appropriate.

I bill monthly at the beginning of the month. I accept Visa, MasterCard, Paypal. With a new client, I offer a 1 month evaluation time. This gives you the opportunity to assess the work … is this the right modality, will this path help me get to where I want to go, is Dene the right guide, mentor, support for me, etc? At the end of the cycle, you will have enough information to answer those questions. If this path is not right for you, we stop, with acceptance and integrity.

If you choose to continue, I ask that you commit to at least a 6 month program. It takes at least that long to get to the underlying patterns, to flush out the negative beliefs, and reframe them into positive affirmations and actions. I do not provide a contract … we work as long as it works for both of us. While there is a voice in each of us that desires to move forward and to grow, there is also a very powerful part in us that does not wish to change at all. And as you move into this work, that part will show itself quite insistently.

We book our sessions in advance, setting dates and times that are as consistent as possible, and that work for both of us. There are times that each of us will need to shift our appointments, and I ask that we both stay flexible. If you give me sufficient lead time, I will usually be able to find an alternative time slot during the week of our appointment. However, if you call at the last minute, understand that I may not be able to accommodate a change.  As such, I REQUEST THAT YOU SCHEDULE AND PAY FOR OUR MONTHLY SESSIONS IN ADVANCE. My pay structure is a consistent monthly fee, and it is your responsibility to secure the necessary appointments in that cycle.

This program is designed to maximize conscious growth, for someone who is willing to commit the time, effort, and financial resources to invest in oneself. I believe that a sincere effort, made in the direction of one’s sacred intention, is always rewarded.

As you can see, this path asks for a commitment … in time, energy, intention, and money. It is a path to be taken only if you are serious about working your program. The only promise I ever make to my client is that if you follow the program, you will grow and evolve. I do not guarantee relationships, I have no crystal ball, and I cannot predict the future. I do know that you will see yourself with a whole lot more awareness and consciousness. And from that more awake place, you will make better choices and decisions.

So please take your time in making a decision. If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to write or call me.  I look forward to working with you.

Dene Maria Sebastiana