Couples Coaching

Committed Partnership as a Conscious Pathway

You may have come here because your relationship is not delivering what you want, need, or expected. Perhaps you want out at times, but at the same time you can’t imagine life without your mate. It is the deep unconscious (soul) that attracts you to one another, and until you discover what and why that is, you will suffer greatly.

Taking a deeper look at the dynamics of your relationship requires lion-hearted courage from both of you. To walk this path of self-discovery means giving up the need to be right, and instead embracing the desire to be close. Your greatest joy and greatest agony come through your most intimate relationships.

When we were at a crossroad in our marriage, Dene provided his masterful guidance and invaluable insights and tools for us to emerge more deeply bonded and committed than ever before. He is equally gifted in working with women and with men. — David & Irene

After 30+ years of working professionally with couples, I can confidently assure relationship transformation for couples who:

  • Are in alignment with my process, as determined in our initial, complimentary coaching session
  • Commit to doing this deep, inner work

Completing your soul’s unfinished business

Even if your relationship is not what you would like it to be, you are drawn together for one profound reason: to heal your soul’s unfinished business. Your partner is not the cause of your reactions, but a trigger for them.

In my couples coaching sessions you will have the opportunity to share all of yourself, including your pain, struggle, frustration, joy, sorrow, confusion, and more. With your commitment to do the deep work and my commitment to you as my clients, your relationship is bound to transform and flourish.

The Benefits of Couples Coaching

  • Conscious awareness of your own triggers and reactions
  • Renews your relationship with love, honesty, and trust
  • You will speak your deep truth to each other
  • You will know a new and real intimacy
  • Deep self-learning (ah-ha’s) for each of you
  • You communicate more openly with fierce honesty and tender vulnerability
  • You reduce stress from honest emotional release (in the body)
  • Enhanced Emotional Literacy
  • A better understanding of the parts of you that you do not know (your shadow)
  • A better understanding of childhood conditioning, the initial template of love
  • A holistic understanding of the wounding process, projections, vulnerability, and accountability
  • You feel heard and understood instead of alone

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I utilize video conference calls such as Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype for our work. Over the years I have developed specific strategies to help facilitate your greatest growth. To learn more about how I work, see Coaching Services.

As a gift toward the transformation of your relationship, I offer a FREE 45-minute couples coaching session. During this call we’ll examine the issues you would each like to work on, and we’ll assess our alignment in working together.

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Reserve your FREE session