The Alchemist is my constant companion, in different forms, and S/HE has been the architect and guide of my Soul’s Journey.

I will do my best to regularly share what comes through me … dreams, insights, commentaries, bursts of light, holes of darkness … the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I pray for continued inspiration from my Alchemist, disguised as angels, guides, muses, and the ultimate teacher … my everyday life.

I welcome your thoughts and feelings, feedback, commentaries, and shared experience of what comes through you. We are on this journey of awakening and transformation together, brothers and sisters alike.  I look forward to what unfolds.

Dene Maria Sebastiana


Recovery is sobering, the walls of denial tumble, and lay waste my life-long illusions. Enabling has supported a construct built to honor my arrogance. My need to be needed is fully exposed to the harsh light of reality. I have pulled the needle out of my own arm, as I discover that care taking is […]

The Water From Men’s Eyes

Years ago, when I was in the mountains outside Tucson, I had a transformative dream. “Men stood in line, waiting to  see Mary Magdalene. When they got to her, they jerked their seed into a large gourd from which she drank, washed her hair, and made her adorning colors. The scene sharply shifted to men […]

Men and Pink

On Saturday, I marched with my wife and the women of San Miguel, with pink pussy hats galore. Women’s Right = Human Rights the banner said … like we have to even say what is so horrifically obvious. It felt like the 60’s again, and I was energized being on the lines. The women sang […]

Moving Beyond Patriarchy

We have come far in the last 50 years … technological explosion, advancement of women and minorities, global diversity awareness, economic growth for 2nd and 3rd world nations, Yet the American workplace still operates under the old patriarchal values. Patriarchy is not about gender.  It is a set of beliefs, attitudes, and practices that affect […]