Awakening the NEW Masculine

Current Reality:

  • Work, sex, relationships, fatherhood, health, depression, money …the age-old struggle with self-worth seen through any or all of these areas … these are the things that cause you pain, that turn you against yourself and other men.
  • As a man, you have received much conditioning, telling you what masculinity looks like.  Sometimes you realize how absurd it is, yet the program runs deep, and we all have inherited it from our collective fathers.
  • Most men remain disconnected … from their spirit & soul, from their feeling nature, from other men.
  • The armored, macho value structure OR the too-soft man, keeps men stuck in outdated and dysfunctional beliefs & behaviors.

OLD Masculine:

      • A man who instinctively feel in competition with other men.
      • A man who is in touch with his power, but does not know his feeling nature.
      • A man who is in touch with his feeling nature, but does not know or trust his power.
      • A man who does not have intimate access to BOTH his fierceness AND his tenderness.
      • A man who has a limited view of women and the nature of the feminine.
      • Women are moving into leadership … everywhere … and a man does not know how to navigate the new rules.
      • The armored, macho belief system keeps a man stuck in an outdated and dysfunctional set of behaviors.
      • A man who lives FROM his ego, rather than WITH his ego.

NEW Masculine:

      • A man willing to commit to his own evolution.
      • A man who knows his strengths & weaknesses.
      • A man who speaks his truth directly … even when it is painful and scary.
      • A man who seeks true purpose & meaning in his life.
      • A man who has patience with what is still unresolved in his heart.
      • A man willing to heal and integrate.
      • A man willing to acknowledge his own Feminine & how he relates to the Feminine in the world.
      • A man willing to acknowledge that the patriarchy still lives in his deep programs.
      • A man who lives WITH his ego rather than FROM his ego.

Deep Masculine Qualities:

      • The Deep Masculine is the vertical axis, the sun & sky, grounded in the earth.
      • It is stable, unwavering, fiercely present.
      • It is the good father, dependable friend, protector/provider, deep breathing lover.
      • It is the seed, the tree, the rocks and the center pole.
      • It is the initiator, the action, the doing.
      • It is clear, direct, hard, penetrative, boundaried.
      • It is a container, an arrow, a hammer, a plow, a sword.

Transformational Learning:


        • To create self-awareness, connection, learning, & healing
        • To trust men in an open and safe environment.

Emotional Literacy:

        • Learning to speak from a deep & authentic place in the body
        • Conscious Language, Shadow, & Conflict Resolution
        • Alignment of Head/Heart/Gut/Sex
        • Congruence of Thought/Word/Feeling/Action

Brain Structure:

        • Early Imprinting
        • Limbic Template
        • Repetition Compulsion

Healing The Father Wound:

        • Effects … personal, interpersonal, spiritual, communal
        • Lineage healing
        • Birth of the Sacred Masculine


    • Reduced stress from honest emotional release (in the body)
    • Healing & reframing old beliefs & unconscious patterns
    • Feeling heard & understood (not alone)
    • Deep self-learning (ah-ha’s)
    • Alignment of head/heart/gut/sex
    • Congruence of thoughts/feelings/words/actions
    • Better decision making
    • Better relationships with others

The Offer:

      • Doing deep Personal Work, either individually or in a small group is the best place evolves a man.
      • A man may elect to work individually with me or in a small group with up to 3 other men. If you want to go fast, go alone (1 on 1). If you want to go far, go with others (small group). Working in a group is a more Affordable option.
      • It is Safe & Challenging, yet supportive, educational, clarifying.  It will help make you a better man … with yourself, with other men, with your partner, with your children & family, with your community.
      • The New Masculine is not some out-of-body spiritual concept, it is right here … in your bones, in your hearts & minds, in your balls.
      • Emotional Literacy creates an interior alignment of head-heart-gut-sex.  It is a congruence of thinking-feeling-words-actions.
      • True Power is accountability, integrity, emotional awareness, clarity, vulnerability.
      • Trust Yourself, lay down the armor, open to  your fierce and tender truth.

My Commitments:

      • I have great love, compassion, and fierce dedication to truth.
      • I live a Sacred Marriage with My Beloved.
      • I have 45 years in this Work.
      • I have been leading healing circles for 30 years.
      • I am a husband, father, leader, friend, ally, citizen.
      • I am accountable, I have integrity, I work hard for those I serve.
      • I have dedicated my life’s purpose to this healing process.
      • I am balanced in the Masculine & Feminine.
      • I am very good at what I do, and I am so very human.
      • My Mission is the awaken the Sacred Feminine & Sacred Masculine in all beings.