Dene Maria Sebastiana (aka Dennis Mead-Shikaly) was born and raised in New York. He is a teacher, a shaman, a soul coach, as well as a certified workshop leader & facilitator.

Dene works with men, women, couples … modeling and teaching the necessary skills and self-awareness to live consciously and purposefully.  His education is in Political Science & Social Psychology.

Dene is the former Executive Director of The ManKind Project, an international men’s educational and training organization. He has sat in men’s circles since 1986, and has led many developmental and leadership trainings for men, as well as workshops for women focused on issues with men, boys, and the masculine. He has conducted numerous couples workshops, facilitated family & partnership mediation, and conflict resolution & reconciliation.

Dene coaches people who truly desire an in-depth look at their lives, and who are willing to break through their old, unconsciously embedded patterns. The intention is to integrate, evolve, and live fully in these radically changing times. He brings deep caring and compassion … and a multi-leveled capacity to get to the heart of the matter. Dene believes that this alignment with the heart will always lead to right action … clear, compassionate, effective.

Mignon & Dene celebrate an evolving marriage of 30 years, and they live in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Dene is passionate about gender equality, balance, multi-cultural awareness … in himself, in his marriage and family, in the world.

“My Mission is to awaken the Sacred Feminine & Masculine … in mind, body, spirit, soul … in all beings.”

Dene can be reached at the following:



Skype: m3dms44

Skype: 303.586.1744 (US)

Cell: +52.415.109.8438 (MX)