Transform your Life

Dene Sebastiana

My mission is to be a rigorous space for awakening inquiry,
bringing the Sacred into conscious action.

Dene’s Soul Movie

Integrated Emotional Awareness

The key to authentic maturity is Integrated Emotional Awareness (IEA) …
self-aware, open hearted, intuitively & instinctually connected, full voiced.

Integrate Emotional Awareness: An Introduction Video

My Commitments to Your Learning

You will …

understand what you feel & why
upgrade your old belief system
vertically align head, heart, gut, sex
improve all your relationships
live from your deepest truths
be a better human being.

The way you do ANYTHING …
is the way you do EVERYTHING!

Dene is a world class facilitator and brilliant coordinator of group dynamics. He has the ability to go deep with the individual and to similarly invite the collective, a rare combination of talents. Dene’s strongest gift is his compassion: a poignant ability to see with deep feeling and to feel with great vision. He has a perceptive, laser–like capacity to see to the heart of the issue, and not get lost in peripheral maze of details. He is able to stay with what is essential, to keep bringing things back to where the meat of the matter is. Therefore, he is effective and efficient in using his and his clients’ time and energy
Don H. – CEO

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